Wedding invitations that will 'wow'


These days everyone is looking for weddings with an edge. That little something different or unique that will make your big day stand out and be remembered. When done right, even the smallest wedding detail can attract attention and a sense of wonder in a how-did-they-think-of-that kind of way.


This invitation is sure to blow up in your guests face!

What better way to give your wedding that edge than by setting the standard with your wedding invites. This is the 21st century and invitations don’t have to be confined to paper and ink. If you’d like some creative ideas on invitations with the ‘wow’ factor, this article will help spark your imagination and get you on the road to the wackiest and wildest invitations out there.


The balloon invitation

This cleverness of this invitation lies in its simplicity. A balloon is attached to the inside of a card. When blown up, the balloon will have all the wedding details written on it. If you’d like to get super mushy feel free to write a slogan on the front of the card such as, "Fly away with us”. (If you’re wondering when to let out a groan, it’s now).


The puzzle invitation

Wedding invitation puzzle

For a little bit of fun, try getting a puzzle made in the same of a heart (or any shape, really!). Break up the puzzle and send it out to your guests in pieces.

When the puzzle has been assembled by the receiver it will form a picture of some sort with all the event details printed on it. Once again, if you’d like to get all soppy on your guests, try sending them a puzzle with one piece deliberately missing.

The slogan can read something along the lines of, "The missing piece is you.” Aww.


The photo booth invitation 

Say Cheese!

Another one that is fun to prepare. Book a date with just you and your fiancé, oh, and a photo booth.

Get in and pose, holding up different signs with the individual details of your wedding. With this idea, there is a large scope for playfulness and fun.

Think: funny faces and stick figure drawings on the signs. Remember that access to a photo booth is not necessarily needed as images can be manipulated.

Four ideas; endless opportunities for creativity and fun. Go wild, enjoy the process and come up with an idea that strikes your fancy. One thing to keep in mind, however: your invitation should match the theme of your wedding in style and formalness.

So if you’re wedding is going to be extremely formal, it’s obviously more appropriate to go with a formal invitation. But for weddings that are a touch more casual, feel free to be as wacky and as wonderful as you like. May the ideas spring forth!


The video invitation

With some time on your hands and a bit of skill, you and your fiancé can put together a video that can be sent on DVD to your guests. Think childhood photos of the two of you, romantic music and cool special effects. The best part about it is that you’ll have it as a memento to keep forever. Opt for this idea if you’d like to have fun filming it, (bloopers and all), and if you’d like a clever invitation with a personal touch. Word of warning: if you do decide to go ahead with a nostalgic video make sure to have tissues handy. These things can get weepy fast.